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Wisdom Teeth What’s the Big Deal?

Wisdom Teeth:  What’s the Big Deal? Especially with the younger crowd, this is a question we get time and time again in our office!  And understandably so!  To some, removing the wisdom teeth seems like it should be an elective procedure, not a necessary one. You have probably heard the statistic that 85% of people […]

TMJ Treatment- A Cooperative Approach

TMJ Treatment:  A Cooperative Approach As with many dental health procedures, the treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders requires a cooperative approach between you (the patient) and me (the doctor).  Once we have diagnosed the condition and narrowed in on the problem, we have many different treatment options to explore together.   And luckily, most cases […]

Dental Implants- Changing the Way We Treat Missing Teeth

Dental Implants:  Changing the Way We Treat Missing Teeth Dental implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care in how we, as dental professionals, deal with missing teeth.    And while the incidents of adults losing permanent teeth has been declining for decades, there is still a good chance that at some point in your life […]